24 April 2016

(1) Exxon Knew, Hold It Accountable
"We want to confirm that they [state AGs] are doing everything within their power to bring Exxon and fossil fuel companies to justice."
(2) Warren Buffett Pressured to Invest for the Climate
"If Mr. Buffett were to decide that fossil fuel-based investments were no longer worth his time or money and focussed on renewable energy ... that would be a huge shock to the markets ... The markets pay attention to where he puts his money." "He needs to be challenged to take a stronger leadership role on climate change."
(3) Will Trade Trump Climate?
TransCanada, citing NAFTA, filed a $15 billion lawsuit against the U.S. for blocking the Keystone XL pipeline. Both trade agreements [TTP, TTIP] limit "the ability of governments to put in place climate and other public interest policies" and give "huge power" to big polluters,"
(4) We Are Failing Our Children on Climate Change
"Our world has failed young people ... We have carried on with business as usual while burning away our children's future."
(5) How Arts Can Promote Climate Action
More creator, less consumer. Downplay car culture. Encourage empathy. Stand our from the noise. Tell stories to make it real.
(6) Political Hurdles Facing a Carbon Tax, David Roberts
Current active carbon taxes globally are way below the social cost of carbon. Political constraints on carbon taxes: 1) Concerns about distributional impacts ... it's a regressive tax, 2) Unwillingness to pay, 3) Opposition from fossil fuel interests. Tax shift ... revenue-neutral ... but polling suggests that most people want the tax to be used for clean energy. "We want to accelerate the technological development, early market commercialization and wide deployment of clean renewable energy, so that America can innovate, create jobs ... an spur economic development. We'll also set aside money to make sure that no one is left behind ... It's paid for entirely by a tax on fossil fuel energy."
(7) The Rising Tide From Climate Change
"Humanity is running on borrowed time ... unprecedented forest fires, coastal flooding, desertification and glacial recession ... could initiate large migrations of people. ... the surge of climate migrants demands an anticipation of the special rights of the displaced, the obligations of high-emitting countries to facilitate resettlement, and enforcement of these rights and obligations by the international community ... While you can say that climate change is making migrations far more likely ... rarely will you be able to say any particular migration is solely ascribable to climate change ... This century's climate migrants should be provided permanent residency abroad ... proportionate to historical national emissions ... [the U.S.] the world's largest historical emitter .... would be on the hook for millions of displaced people [67 million people over the next 35 years] ... What happens when these island nations, for all practical purposes, cease to be ... a country's exclusive economic zone ... is measured from its coastline. If an island disappears because of sea level rise, will its economy be wiped from the map? Will citizens of a former island nation, scattered throughout the world, still be able to advocate as a collective within the United Nations?"
(8) Ocean Oxygen Loss Due to Climate Change
Not only increased ocean heat and ocean acidity but also decreased ocean oxygen will result from global warming. This deoxygenation is evident now but will be widespread by 2030.
(9) Food System Shock Due to Climate Change
Extreme weather events could lead to marked decrease in agricultural output and marked increase in food prices leading to food riot's and mass starvation. Lloyd's of London estimates an 18% chance in the next 40 years.