8 May 2016

(1a) Exxon Tries to Contain Climate Change Crusade
The notion of holding oil companies responsible for global warming, in the same way tobacco companies had to pay billions of dollars in damages over the health effects of cigarettes, had long been seen as a quixotic quest led by scruffy, oil-hating extremists. But POLITICO’s interviews with dozens of activists, industry officials and lawmakers suggest that support for a legal crusade against Exxon is growing far beyond the political fringe — and now poses the biggest existential threat the company has faced in decades. "The First Amendment is not a defense for fraud... The Constitution provides no right to mislead shareholders."
(1b) AGU Fooled by Exxon
Senator Sheldon Whitehouse and Representative Ted Lieu, both Democrats, told the American Geophysical Union (AGU): “You have been fooled. Whatever position AGU chooses to take, you should not take it based on self-serving representations by ExxonMobil.” “We can attest that Exxon’s purported support for a carbon tax is not real. It is impossible to reconcile EM’s stated support for a revenue-neutral carbon tax with the lobbying activities of EM and the trade associations that claim to represent EM on the Hill. What we see in Congress is that their lobbying efforts are 100 percent opposed to any action on climate ... It is sadly not unheard of in legislative matters for an interest group to take a public position, but then flex its mighty lobbying and political muscle against that very position. As Members of Congress we wanted to warn you not to take the EM “position” on a carbon price at face value. It is false.” Professor Charles Greene “This is about it lying and misinforming the public, policymakers, and its own shareholders about climate change for years after its own scientists reported the risks involved. The damage is done and irreversible for centuries. Earth and climate scientists know this; so, how can we accept their dirty money in good conscience? The Board is breaking AGU’s bylaws, and I hope that they will be held accountable for it.”
(2) Green Climate Fund, Why is Progress Slow?
$100 billion promised by 2020; in 2016, only $10 billion actually given. GOP senators wrote "Giving billions of dollars to an international climate fund is a significant waste of American resources." Orenstein says "You can't expect a developing country that didn't cause the crisis and bears little responsibility for it to spend its own money ... We have a 'polluter pays' principle ... You break something ... you pay for it."
(3) Estimates of Climate Sensitivity by Climate Experts
Most put it at 3 deg C for a doubling of CO2 concentration. "... let’s all agree to start removing fossil fuels from the global economy. Because the necessity to reduce emissions, drastically, globally – that is far beyond these scientific undercertainties, beyond any doubt, whether it be mind, heart …or gut."
(4) ‎Halting Methane Leaks from Fracking
Climate implications of fracking policy decisions need equal consideration as economic impacts.
(5) The Clean Energy Miracle is Here Already, Joe Romm
Deployment of existing clean energy technology is primary now, because a quick transition to clean energy is needed to keep global warming below 2 deg C. R&D is important for later. We need trillion dollar deployment and billion dollar R&D.
(6) Bladeless Wind Turbines
Less expensive by 50% and take up less real estate.
(7) Koch Money Pushes Right-Wing Policies at Universities
Students act as foot soldiers for free enterprise ideals. Despite libertarian ideals they rely on government money. They threaten universities with Koch lawyers. They use universities to access media. They make 5-year agreements, not lifetime endowments, to guarantee right wing accountability.
(8) USDA Building Blocks for Climate Smart Agriculture & Forestry
Incentive-based programs in 10 key areas seek to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture by 120 million tons CO2e by 2025, equal to removing 25 million cars from our roads. Ten key areas include: soil health, nitrogen stewardship, livestock anaerobic digesters, conservation of sensitive lands, stewardship of federal forests, promotion of wood products, urban forests, rural energy efficiency ...
(9) US Underinvesting in Electricity Infrastructure, David Roberts, Vox
With growth of wind & solar power generation, investment in a long-distance, intgegrated national grid for energy transmission is essential.
(10) Envisioning 100% Clean Energy
Wind, solar and water for 100% clean energy, combined with low-tech energy storage.