7 Feb 2016

(1a) National Grid Cuts Carbon Emissions
Carbon emissions from power generation can be cut 80% using wind & solar and a national high-voltage DC electrical grid. This grid compensates for the intermittency of wind & solar, without need for electrical storage.
(1b) National Grid Overcomes Intermittency of Wind & Solar
Wind & Solar with a national grid can cut carbon emission from electrical power 80% within 15 years at a lower cost than fossil fuels.
(1c) $220M DOE Grid Modernization Grants
88 R&D Projects over 3 years, to make grid more reliable, resilient & efficient.
(1d) Clean Energy is Unstoppable
Intermittency of wind & solar can be solved with a national grid, demand response, pumped hydroelectric storage, solar thermal electric power plants & electric storage batteries (now more affordable).
(2a) Exxon’s PR Stunt
ExxonMobil released it's annual 'Outlook for Energy' report ... they claim energy demand will grow due to rising incomes in developing countries. They say greenhouse gas emissions will peak in 2030 & fossil fuels will supply 80% of global energy in 2040. They create the idea of 'fossil fuel fatalism' ... we cannot transition to clean energy any sooner.
(2b) AGs Investigating ExxonMobil
ExxonMobil is suspected of lying to shareholders and the public about the risks of climate change and this may amount to securities fraud & violate environmental laws. Internal documents show that Exxon engaged in a multi-million dollar, decades-long disinformation campaign against climate change and solutions. That deception continues today through its ties to the Western States Petroleum Association.
(2c) Legal Case Against ExxonMobil
Exxon's climate denial campaign has caused irreversible global damage. Exxon funded junk science & climate denial. We must protect climate policymaking from coal, oil & gas industry interference.
‎(3) Financing the Green Climate Fund
Central Banks can print money to buy green climate bonds to finance transition to clean energy in developing countries. This will stimulate imports and create jobs. To stay below 2 deg C warming, $1 trillion per year investments in clean energy needed.
(4a) Climate Visuals
Human stories. Bring impacts home. Balance impacts & solutions.
(4b) Climate Visuals Library
Visuals: Easy to understand. Evoke positive emotions. Evoke negative emotions. Likely to be shared. Demand change. Link to everyday concerns. Promote positive social norms.
(5) Home Solar + Storage
Coming in 10yrs. Utilities must change their business model.
(6) Obama $10-per-Barrel Oil Tax
Yields $32B yearly for public transit, urban planning & clean vehicle research. House GOP will oppose.
(7) GeoEngineering Books
15 books on geoengineering.