6 Nov 2016

(1) Republican Kelly Ayotte Lost Millions of Dollars by Defying Koch Brothers on Climate Change
New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte ... is the only Republican senator in a competitive race who acknowledges humans are behind climate change and who backs President Obama’s plan to cut greenhouse gas emissions. Her stance came at a cost: millions of dollars in lost funding from the climate-denial-funding oil billionaire brothers, Charles and David Koch.
(2) Tax Meat And Dairy To Cut Emissions
Surcharges of 40% on beef and 20% on milk would compensate for climate damage and deter people from consuming as much unhealthy food
(3) Rich States Urged To Dig Deeper To Help Poor Respond to 'Climate Crisis'
From hurricane-ravaged Haiti to drought-parched southern Africa, the world's poorest countries are battling increasingly extreme weather being thrown their way as the planet warms. But the aid on offer globally to help them cope is still a pittance compared with what they need ...
(4) Climate Trumps Everything, No Matter Who is President
Trumps says he'll cancel U.S. support for the Paris Climate Agreement, cancel the EPA Clean Power Plan & reinvigorate fossil fuel use ... If the U.S. is to accomplish what Trump says he wants for our nation—economic growth, job creation, improved infrastructure and international respect—then we need to lead the world in clean energy research, development and deployment.
(5) Conservatives Elected Trump; Now They Own Climate Change
... the climate change we are seeing, and the climate change which is now unavoidable could have been stopped. I will count up the economic and social consequences of climate change which could have been stopped. These are now the liability of conservatives. The financial costs of adapting will also be owned by conservatives. They asked for it, they got it. Our job is to never let them forget it.
(6a) Trump’s Election Marks The End Of Any Serious Hope Of Limiting Climate Change To 2 Deg C
Limiting global temperature to 2 degrees would require large-scale, coordinated action now. And Trump means that isn’t going to happen. So we won’t stop at 1.5 deg C. We won’t stop at 2 deg C. We’ll be lucky to stop at 3 or 4 deg C. ... There’s going to be severe, dangerous climate change. Millions of people will suffer. ... We won’t avoid dangerous climate change. That’s what the US decided last night. There’s no point pretending otherwise.
(6b) Will Trump Go Down In History As The Man Who Pulled The Plug On A Livable Climate?
... “estimated emissions would be 16 percent higher after two terms of Trump’s policies than they would be after two terms of Clinton’s, amounting to 3.4 billion tons greater emissions over the next eight years.” ... he could probably slow it enough to destroy the modest chance we had to keep total warming “well below 2°C” as the world committed to in Paris. Avoiding global catastrophe requires an almost World War II-scale increase in clean energy investment and deployment