30 Oct 2016

(1) Nicholas Stern: Cost of Global Warming Is Worse
The costs involved – in investing in the development of alternative energy sources ... would be far outweighed by the costs of coping with an overheated world afflicted by flooding, soaring temperatures, ruined crops and farmland, lack of food and displaced people
(2a) Time to Move the Standing Rock Pipeline
A pipeline may well be the most profitable and efficient way to move a half-million barrels of crude oil a day across the Plains. But in a time of oil gluts and plummeting oil prices, is it worth it? Is it worth the degradation of the environment, the danger to the water, the insult to the heritage of the Sioux?
(2b) Dakota Access Pipeline Builder Ignored Obama Admin Request to Halt Construction
“To think Energy Transfer Partners would respect a voluntary request to be decent, even one by the President of the United States, was wishful thinking. If the Obama administration really wants to pause construction, as the President suggested he does, it needs to continue to suspend ETP’s permits to build under the Missouri River,”
(3) Paris Climate Deal: Don't Bet On Renewable Energy To Stop Global Warming
... simply switching to renewables alone will not solve the climate change problem. ... We need to start removing carbon from the atmosphere. ... We need to tackle the demand side. We cannot simply assume that relentless economic growth is compatible with a green future.
(4) Why Republicans Still Reject the Science of Global Warming
For the modern-day Republican Party, protecting fossil fuels wasn't a pet issue; it was a religion. The Church of Carbon. ... the Republicans as a party have taken the view that climate change – if it even exists – is not caused by man-made pollutants, and it's not really much of a problem," ... "It's an open hostility to science and evidence and facts that are becoming more and more undeniable."
(5) We Don’t Need a ‘War’ on Climate Change, We Need a Revolution - The New York Times
While world wars aim to decimate enemies and their capacities for violence, “revolutions” aim to transform violence and oppression by empowering people. Instead of a war against physics, a revolution in the control and direction of climate, natural resources and energy policy could enable democratic participation to redress past harms and guide environmental goals of the future. Such a revolution would affirm the right to a clean, healthy environment for all people; it would transform the relationships that regulate our metabolism with nature, relationships that now allow some to profit by denying this right to others. Solar panels alone won’t transform these relationships and secure this right.
(6) This Group Is Taking On The Biggest Obstacle To Climate Action
... some groups have already begun working at the national level to collect and publicize political contributions from the fossil fuel industry in federal races. NoFossilFuelMoney.org ... tracks contributions from oil and gas, electric utilities, coal mining and related sectors to both congressional challengers and incumbents, in an effort to “shine a light on how fossil fuels influence our democratic process.”