3 Apr 2016

(1) Climate Change Impact on Soil Microbiome
"Microbes run the world ... and provide numerous ecosystem services ... and serve as a major bulwark against environmental changes." The Unified Microbiome Initiative ... The Earth Microbiome Project ... the Global Soil Biodiversity Initiative ... The TerraGenome Project ... Microbiomes in Transition Project ... will soil "be a sink or source of greenhouse gases in the future?" "We need to understand clearly how microbes are going to behave in a changing climate"
(2a) Fossil Fuel Industry Must Be Held Accountable for Climate Change Deception, Michael Mann
We hold corporations accountable when they deceive (e.g. asbestos manufacturers, Enron, VW "kill switch", tobacco industry). Fossil fuel companies funneled millions of dollars into front groups to spread doubt about climate change. They supported the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) to spread climate science misinformation to state legislators. They funded campaigns to attack climate scientists and to suppress climate science research.
(2b) AGs Target Exxon's Climate Crimes
20 state Attorneys General launched investigation & prosecution of ExxonMobil & other fossil fuel giants for blocking attempts to combat global warming. "Fossil fuel companies have deceived investors and consumers about the dangers of climate change and must be held accountable." "The Exxon revelations may turn out to be the largest corporate scandal in history ... Everyone is impacted by climate change ... A trial of ExxonMobil and the fossil fuel industry would be even bigger thatn the case against Big Tobacco." "This converning may well be looked upon as a major turning point in the effort to hold to account those commercial interests ... who have been deceiving the American people about the dangers of climate change."
(3) Montanans Stop a New Coal Mine
"Our political system has demonstrated its inability to find adequate solutions to the climate crisis. It is time for everyone who wants to leave future generations a livable world to be in the streets."
(4) Concentrated Solar Power Uses Molten Salt for Energy Storage
The Crescent Dunes Solar Plant in Tonopah NV has 10,000 billboard-sized mirrors focusing sunlight onto the top of a tower the size of the Washington Monument, heating molten salt to 1,000 deg F. The molten salt then heats water to produce steam and drive a turbine to generate power. It stores enough power to heat 75,000 homes for 10 hours.
(5) World's Coastal Cities May Be Unsaveable Due to Sea Level Rise, Joe Romm
Miami, Boston, New York, New Orleans may not be saveable by 2100, unless we markedly cut carbon pollution in the next 2 decades.