29 May 2016

(1) Momentum for Carbon Pricing
13% of greenhouse gas emissions are now covered by carbon pricing. Carbon revenues are up 60% in 2015.
(2) Climate Scientists Decry Trump's Energy Plan
Trump says he'll cancel Obama's Clean Power Plan, cancel the Paris Climate Agreement and build the Keystone XL pipeline. Climate scientists say of Trump's plan: "Undoing these efforts would mean ... larger [greenhouse gas emissions] ... and pose greater risk to society." "...his comments show incredible ignorance with regard to the science and global affairs ... for Trump to make the pandering statements to the coal people and threaten to undermine all of these major achievements is a statement to me that he absolutely must not be elected." "Turning [these policies] back would not only diminish the quality of life for our children and their children, but it would also be a sorry message to the rest of the world that U.S. leadership does not base its decisions on facts or science but rather on greed and selfishness..." "...Donald Trump's climate change views and policy proposals constitute an existential threat to this planet."
(3) Big Oil’s “Long Twilight”
"... the industry has known about climate change for decades, it has just chosen the wrong business strategy to respond to it." The Financial Times said "Instead of railing against climate policies, or paying them lipservice while quietly defying them with investment decisions, the oil companies will serve their investors and society better if they accept the limits they face, and embrace a future of long-term decline."
(4) Switch to Ecological Farming
We must move from industrial-scale feedlots and crop monocultures with heavy fertilizer & pesticide use to agro-ecological food systems that keep carbon in the ground and rebuild soil fertility.
(5) Converting to 100% Renewable Energy, Dr. Mark Z. Jacobson
Jacobson has developed paths for all 50 states to convert to 100% renewable energy by 2050. Utilities question whether using only wind, solar & water power sources is 100% reliable and reasonable in cost. Some argue for nuclear power in the energy mix, but Jacobson says the costs are too high & there's risk of nuclear war.
(6) U.S. Congress Wants to Cut Climate Science - Scientific American
GOP legislators in the U.S. House propose 20% cut for NOAA's climate research and 12% cut for NASA earth science research. The Republican legislators said the climate and ocean research are "lower priority".
(7) Oil Train Fire in Oregon
"We're playing Russian roulette. I think the industry is perfectly willing to put a gun to our heads and risk our lives for the sake of making money. It is abundantly clear this enterprise is unsafe, unsustainable and they don't know how to manage it." "Just as safety experts predicted, the new rules are insufficient, and people, wildlife, rivers and lakes will continue to pay a huge price for the government’s failure to take steps to adequately protect us from oil trains."
(8) Federal Government Should Buy Coal Plants, Shut Them Down & Pay to Retrain Their Employees
The federal government should buy or, if necessary, seize under eminent domain all existing U.S. coal plants and close them over 10 years. This would allow the U.S. to meet our Paris commitments, it would help investors and it would provide meaningful benefits for workers.