27 Nov 2016

(1) What You Should Know About Trump’s Cabinet & Climate
All indications so far point to a bleak future for addressing climate change, or even recognizing it as one of the world’s largest challenges. A number of his cabinet nominees, political appointees and closest advisors are outright climate deniers while others have funded the denial of climate change or are lukewarm on accepting the science.
(2) Trudeau’s Favored Pipeline Company: Law-Breaking, Pollution, Cover-Ups
... the Trudeau administration approved a proposal by Texas-based energy company Kinder Morgan to build a large new oil pipeline through British Columbia to the shores of the Salish Sea ... move tar sands to the coast for export by way of the San Juan Islands and the Strait of Juan de Fuca. The project is expected to draw ferocious opposition from Northwest tribes and First Nations, as well as from environmental advocates and local communities near the pipeline route.
(3) Trudeau Approves Two Big Oil Sands Pipeline Expansions
Trudeau has replaced the important step forward of his carbon tax with two steps backwards from additional upstream emissions that result from his pipeline approvals.
(4) Trump And The GOP May Be Trying To Kneecap Climate Research
It’s very possible that Congress will send Trump a budget that slashes Nasa climate research, and it’s also possible that his oil-allied team will advise him to sign it. Doing so would be a terrible mistake that would cripple the scientific community’s ability to monitor how rapidly we’re changing the Earth’s climate.
(5) Nine Things You Can Do Right Now To Fight Trump’s War On Climate And Democracy
Activism ... Investigate Trump ... Know What We're Fighting For ... Deliver Your Message ... End Climate Silence ... Support Climate Politicians ... Debunk Trumps Lies ... Get Good News Sources ... Never Give In ...
(6) Don't Let Politics Trump Science, 2000 Scientists Warn President-Elect
Signaling great pessimism about the future "role of science in policymaking," more than 2,000 scientists published an open letter to President-elect Donald Trump and the GOP-dominated 115th Congress on Wednesday warning against the dangers of allowing "political or corporate influence" to override scientific fact.
(7) What Trump & Pence Don't Get About Clean Energy
America’s clean energy industry – everything from wind turbines and solar panels, to home energy storage and energy efficiency ... is worth $200 billion after growing 29 percent over the past five years. That’s bigger than the United States airline industry and the pharmaceutical business. ... If Trump grabs hold of the clean energy potential right in front of him it won’t be good just for his legacy – but also for our economy, climate and future.