25 Sept 2016

(1) Family Forests Can Help Save the Planet
More than half of the 751 million acres of forestland in the United States are privately owned ... These family forests, environmental groups argue, represent a large, untapped resource for combating the effects of climate change.
(2) Fossil Fuel Spending Swings Ohio Senate Race to GOP
Nearly 40 percent of Portman's windfall came from the Freedom Partners Action Fund and Americans for Prosperity, two groups in the billionaire libertarian Koch brothers' network of political nonprofits ...
(3) US Emissions to Miss 2025 Target
... cheap gasoline and natural gas prices in the US have led to overconsumption of fossil fuels and slowed efforts to improve energy efficiency. ... putting a price on carbon ... would provide the largest single shove towards meeting the 2025 target.
(4) Hydropower Isn’t Carbon Neutral
... reservoirs of all sorts are important sources of the potent greenhouse-gas methane. The gas is produced by decomposing organic material underwater ... reservoirs created by dams produce about 1.3 percent of total annual global human-caused emissions.
(5) California To Regulate Cow Belches
California has a lot of dairy cows, and all that belching and farting and decomposing poop accounts for 5 percent of the state’s total greenhouse gas output.
(6) Dakota Access Pipeline and the Future of American Labor
We need a dialogue about “how we are going to create jobs for out of work construction workers – jobs that build America’s competitiveness, while we turn our nation’s economic future in a low carbon emission direction.
(7) China Is Serious About Combating Climate Change
Limiting coal use ... Carbon trading ... Cleaning up cars & trucks ... Improving building energy efficiency ... Building renewable capacity ... Building nuclear reactors ... Building high-speed rail
(8) First #ExxonKnew Lawsuit Filed Against Specific Company Facility
The low-lying petroleum tank farm ... is already flooding in heavy rainfall events, and will flood from storm surge during a Category 1 hurricane or with modest amounts of sea level rise. ... Such flooding could release carcinogens such as toluene, benzene, arsenic and other harmful pollutants present at the facility.
(9) Can Religion Overcome Climate Change Deniers?
“Because only when we think as one humanity can we save this planet.” ... Christian, Muslim and Jewish leaders came together for the first-ever "Faith for the Climate" event. ... caring for the earth is our shared responsibility.
(10) Insurance May Be Dropped for Properties That Repeatedly Flood
Properties that flood repeatedly represent about 1 percent of the total policies in the program but add up to 25 to 30 percent of the claims. ... These are properties that file multiple claims and that are built and rebuilt again and again ... They have kind of this outsize financial impact."
(11) Citing Environmental Risks, Scientists Back Tribes in Dakota Access Fight
Close to 100 scientists have signed onto a letter decrying "inadequate environmental and cultural impact assessments" for the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) ... As Bill McKibben said ... the Standing Rock Sioux and their allies: "They're holding the line against something that threatens not only their reservation, but threatens the whole planet. We do not—we cannot pump more oil. We've got to stop opening up new reserves."
(12a) The 'Spiral of Silence' on Climate Change
... there is a climate change “spiral of silence,” in which even people who care about the issue, shy away from discussing it because they so infrequently hear other people talking about it – reinforcing the spiral ... it threatens their status in social groups ...
(12b) End Climate Silence
So let’s end climate silence now. ... “Once third-rail issues transform into moral imperatives, impossibilities sometimes surrender to new realities.”
(13) From Neoliberalism to Ecologism
look for power amongst those who are disenfranchised by the capital accumulating system. ... "We need to seek legal redress for the many wrongs e.g. land grabbing, pollution, tax avoidance by corporations, oppression of Indigenous people for fracking, oil shale, tar sands, biofuels. We need to expose corruption, corporate power and the failures and undemocratic processes of the EC, World Bank and WTO."