25 Dec 2016

(1) The 10 Most Important Climate Stories of 2016
This year marks the third year in a row of record-setting heat, an unprecedented run. It’s a reminder that we’ve entered a new era, where our actions have changed the world we call home. We also have the ability to decide what comes next.
(2) Troubling Signs for Science under Trump
Science is going to need our help to survive this regime. We used to be the scientific leaders of the world. If we want to stay in the forefront of scientific advances, we will need to resist Trump and his merry band of anti-science lackeys at every turn. We'll need to speak out for science at every opportunity, ...
(3) Living the Good Life, Not the Goods Life
... the more people value materialistic aspirations and goals, the lower their happiness and satisfaction .... preoccupation with wealth and stuff makes pro-social values go down (e.g., cooperation, empathy, environmental concern.) ... intrinsic values—growing as a person, being close to family and community, and doing good in the world—not only promote personal, social, environmental, and ecological well being, but also work to immunize people against materialism. ...
(4) Trump Climate Change Take Action
Your choices will determine whether the United States helps to solve this problem, or whether we remain a major part of the problem itself. If you choose to remove the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement, our country will be an international pariah. We will be publicly shamed and vilified.... Millions of your fellow Americans are deeply concerned about climate change, and are looking to you for leadership. Your choice on Day 1 is clear. Leadership or denial. If it's the former, you'll have plenty of Americans willing to help you. If it's the latter, you'll have millions of powerful voices allied against you. Please choose wisely.
(5) Building a 21st Century Economy – Center for American Progress
It remains unclear when momentum for a federal-level carbon price will take hold in the United States. But when it does, policymakers will need to design a pricing mechanism that achieves significant pollution reductions while protecting low- and middle-income households from potential energy price increases
(6) Climate Change Is Here - National Geographic Magazine
Excellent series on climate change ...
(7) A Blueprint for a Carbon-Free America | National Geographic
Explore what your state's energy mix will look like on 100% renewable energy, using this infographic.
(8) The Twelve Days (and Months) of Climate Justice Day Four:  What Will It Take to Win? – Resilience
We face a series of time-sensitive existential emergencies that can only be overcome successfully with a drastic transformation of the entire economy accomplished at wartime speed. All available social and economic resources and industrial capacity must be mobilized toward the primary objectives of restoring a safe climate and reversing ecological overshoot as rapidly as possible.
(9) The Twelve Days (and Months) of Climate Justice Day One: Climate Justice is the Power of the People – Resilience
... “the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice” – meaning that it may take a while, but we are going to win. By contrast, the arc of the physical universe is short and it bends toward heat.
10) Denial, Distraction, and Deception | Sierra Club
It doesn't do much good to say we must reduce climate pollution if at the same time you are investing millions of dollars in Canadian tar sands, cozying up to Russian oil oligarchs, and fighting resolutions from your own shareholders seeking transparency and accountability on climate change. The last time we saw such cynical dissembling was when the second Bush administration pushed anti-environmental legislation with names like "Clear Skies" and "Healthy Forests." Look at the actions, not the words. Rex Tillerson's actions make it obvious that he will willingly sacrifice a healthy climate for the sake of oil and gas.
(11) Here’s how experts can rebuild trust in the post-truth era - Climate Outreach
Scientists and other experts are good at checking their facts, and being “right”, without always impacting public opinion much. Populists have the knack of being persuasive, but are too often not tethered to the facts. Rebuilding public trust in 2017, and rescuing the political discourse from the clutches of post-truth charlatans, means getting better at being “right” and persuasive at the same time.