21 Aug 2016

(1) Whopping $8.8 Trillion Climate Tab Being Left for Next Generation
"... unchecked climate change will impose heavy costs on millennials and subsequent generations, both directly in the form of reduced incomes and wealth, and indirectly through likely higher tax bills as extreme weather, rising sea levels, drought, heat-related health problems, and many other climate change-related problems take their toll on our society. ... [also] inaction on climate change means that we are missing out on a major opportunity for much-needed new investment and millions of new jobs by transitioning to clean energy."
(2) Flooding, Extreme Weather, and Record Temperatures: How Global Warming Puts it All Together
... global warming is among the main reasons why we are seeing places that never flooded before, such as Baton Rouge areas and Ellicott City, being swallowed by not only deep but very fast rising waters. Development and urbanization also play a big role in these events ...
(3) America's First Offshore Wind Farm
The Block Island Wind Farm, at a cost of $290 million, is expected to power about 17,000 homes ... the technical potential for offshore wind in the U.S. to be more than 4,000 gigawatts, much more electricity than the entire country currently consumes.
(4) A Court Ruling That Could Save the Planet - Bloomberg View
A federal court this week upheld the approach that the government uses to calculate the social cost of carbon when it issues regulations ... the social cost of carbon, last updated in 2015, is now $36. ... For climate change in particular, the court’s ruling is massively important. It upholds a foundation of countless regulations designed to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions.
(5) Is Natural Gas a Bridge Fuel?
If we think that coal plants would stick around for 15 years or more in the absence of gas, its probably better to replace them with gas today. If we think we will have the political will to retire gas plants early, we could also potentially benefit from a gas bridge. But if we end up locking in gas infrastructure that sticks around and delays renewables, we might be better off eschewing a gas bridge even if it means sticking around with coal a bit longer.
(6) Can B.C. Lead On Climate Change Without Moving Forward?
"The carbon tax worked. It reduced pollution. It created a stronger economy ... And it only stopped working when she froze it." Clark, for all her skill at public relations, may have an uphill battle convincing voters she's interested in actually leading the charge on climate change — as opposed to just bragging about it.
(7) How Much Food Can Cities Produce? David Suzuki
Toronto plans to supply 25 percent of its fruit and vegetable production within city limits by 2025 ... Detroit could grow 70 percent of its vegetables and 40 percent of its fruit on 570 vacant lots covering 5,000 acres of city land.
(8) U.S. West Coast Dungeness Crab Fishery At Risk From Ocean Acidification
The $170 million dollar crab fishery may collapse due to ocean acidification.
(9) Five Secrets of the Tea Party’s Success
1) Displayed their heart & soul to the media, 2) Created safe spaces for the silent to speak out, 3) They focused on three core values: individual liberty, fiscal responsibility & limited government, 4) They stayed in-touch & swapped strategies, 5) They picked fights they could win.
(10) The American Petroleum Institute’s Desperate Public Relations is Failing
" ... they want more oil and gas production everywhere, and no regulations to protect communities or the climate anywhere."