20 Nov 2016

(1) Trump’s Dilemma: To Please His Friends By Trashing The Paris Climate Deal, Or Not? Bill McKibben
So Trump faces a dilemma. Does he please his most extreme friends? If so, he will own every climate disaster in the next four years: every hurricane that smashes into the Gulf of Mexico will be Hurricane Donald, every drought that bakes the heartland will be a moment to mock his foolishness. That’s how that works.
(2) Art Of The Deal: How Trump Can Win By Playing Climate Game
If Trump and his Republican allies in Congress succeed in wrecking Obama’s climate change policies and turn their back on a clean energy future in favor of more fossil fuels, the world has scant chance of limiting global warming to well below two degrees. The author of the “Art of the Deal” has staked his career on the notion that he is a highly successful businessman and property developer. It is time that he wakes up not only to the threats posed by climate change, but also to the opportunities offered by a low-carbon transition.
(3) The Paris Agreement Is An Incredible Deal For The U.S. Trump Would Be Foolish To Cancel It. Joe Romm
What happens when President Trump withdraws from Paris, kills the EPA’s carbon pollution standards for existing power plants (the Clean Power Plan), promotes fossil fuel production and consumption, and works to undermine the global effort to ratchet down the world CO2 targets? As I’ve argued, Trump will be blamed for whatever catastrophic climate change subsequently occurs, the U.S. will become a “pariah” nation ...
(4) Donald Trump’s First Staff Picks All Deny The Threat Of Climate Change
Attorney General: Jeff Sessions. CIA Director: Mike Pompeo. National Security Adviser: Retired Lt General Michael Flynn. Chief White House Strategist: Steve Bannon. White House Chief of Staff: Reince Priebus.
(5) Trump To Scrap NASA Climate Research In Crackdown On ‘Politicized Science’
“Without the support of NASA, not only the US but the entire world would be taking a hard hit when it comes to understanding the behavior of our climate and the threats posed by human-caused climate change ... It would be a blatantly political move, and would indicate the president-elect’s willingness to pander to the very same lobbyists and corporate interest groups he derided throughout the campaign.”
(6) Trump’s Climate Denial Is Just One Of The Forces That Point Towards War | George Monbiot
The social, environmental and economic crises we face require a complete reappraisal of the way we live and work. The failure by mainstream political parties to produce a new and persuasive economic narrative, which does not rely on sustaining impossible levels of growth and generating illusory jobs, provides a marvellous opening for demagogues everywhere.
(7) Nine Obama Environmental Regulations in Trump's Crosshairs
... the Interior Department's Methane and Waste Prevention Rule for oil and gas operations on federal lands, finalized on Nov. 15. The Bureau of Land Management issued the regulations to curb venting, flaring and leaks of natural gas to reduce harmful emissions of the potent greenhouse gas methane. ... Clean Power Plan (Aug. 3, 2015) ... Waters of the U.S. Rule (Aug. 28, 2015) ... Methane Rule: New Facilities (May 12, 2016) ... Methane Rule: Existing Sites (Underway) ... Blowout Preventer Rules (April 14, 2016) ... Greater Sage Grouse Protections (Sept. 25, 2015) ... Hydraulic Fracturing on Federal Lands (March 20, 2015) ... Coal Ash Regulations (April 17, 2015) .... Crystalline Silica Worker Safety Rule (March 23, 2016)
(8) How To Talk To Your Climate Change-Denying Relatives This Thanksgiving (Yes, You Can!)
1. Make It Personal ... it's making extreme worthy events worse ... it's expensive ... it's killing animals ... it could take away your wine ... 2. Appeal To Their Humanity ... 3. Use Cost-Benefit Analysis
(9) What's Happening To Our Planet — In 8 Infographics
The book "What’s Really Happening to Our Planet" clearly shows that .... humankind acted over decades and centuries to create the conditions that threaten us today — many of which risk further exacerbation by growing human population and consumption.
(10) Economists Agree: Economic Models Underestimate Climate Change
economists, while their views do show a wider spread on various issues than the views of climate scientists, do widely agree that climate is a serious problem requiring immediate action.
(11) Trump’s Coal Delusions
The only thing that keeps coal-based electricity even in the ballpark of prices for renewable energy sources is the industry’s ability to shift coal’s hidden costs—environmental and health damage—onto society at large. If climate regulations eventually kick in and the coal power industry adopts CCS as a survival strategy, the task of hiding from the market the real and mounting costs of coal can only grow more daunting.