18 Sept 2016

(1) The Standoff Between Big Oil and Big Corn
... ethanol has made America less reliant on Middle Eastern oil, saved consumers up to $1 a gallon at the pump and spared the air from vast clouds of harmful carbon emissions.
(2) Politicians Need to Realize Climate Change is a Threat
... these efforts to reduce the risk to future generations are now being imperiled by a small yet vocal group that denies the validity of the evidence and of scientific expertise in general. Of special and immediate concern is the stated intent of the current Republican Party platform and presidential nominee Donald Trump to promote the extraction and use of the most carbon-intensive fossil fuels, to withdraw the United States from the Paris agreement and to rescind President Obama’s executive actions designed to reduce climate risk.
(3) How to Raise Trillions for Green Investments - The New York Times
SAVING our planet from the worst effects of climate change ... the world will need to mobilize $90 trillion in public and private capital over the next 15 years. ... [we need] environmental regulations to stimulate clean, sustainable development; incentives and subsidies for clean energy investments; and the pricing of carbon emissions. ... We also need to eliminate subsidies that encourage the use and extraction of carbon-based energy like coal and oil.
(4) Breaking the Climate Procrastination Habit
Keep it in the ground ... Support clean energy ... Encourage national grid ... Spur a fair transition ... Shrink farming's carbon footprint ... End fossil fuel subsidies ... Buck corporate influence ... Learn more about climate change ...
(5) The Key to Tackling Climate Change: Electrify Everything, David Roberts
If we know how to clean up electricity and we don’t yet know how to clean up combustion fuels, it makes sense to begin replacing combustion tech with electrical tech, insofar as it’s possible.
(6) SEC Probe Called Possible 'Moment of Reckoning' for Exxon's Climate Crimes
... the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has reportedly launched an investigation into whether Exxon Mobil deliberately deceived investors over the long-term value of its fossil fuel assets in light of the climate crisis.
(7) How You Can Support Standing Rock
Big Oil is pushing a massive new network of oil and gas infrastructure, retooling in a desperate attempt to extract the dirtiest fuels on the planet and squeeze the last few drops of profit out of an era that clearly needs to end. Without exception, these projects threaten tribal lands, and without exception, they face bold Indigenous resistance.
(8) A Security Strategy for the 21st Century
We must press at home and abroad for political and economic reorganization that advances democracy and enables all people to pursue a decent means of living in harmony with the living Earth. Scaling back dependence on fossil fuels, the power of global corporations, the international arms trade, and the grotesque inequalities within and between nations need to be high on our list of security priorities. This will lead to dismantling the costly obsolete war machinery ...
(9) Will the Naive Left and the Self-Interested Kill I-732, Cliff Mass
EVERYONE will be affected by climate change and EVERYONE must work on solutions. ... [opposing I-732] there is alliance between left-leaning, climate justice folks who want big government and funds directed to specific groups, and right-leaning energy-intensive industrialists who don't want to deal with global warming.
(10) Can Humanity Survive the 21st Century?
... ten huge man-made threats, which are now coming together to imperil our existence – ecological collapse, resource depletion, weapons of mass destruction, global warming, global poisoning, food insecurity, population and urban expansion, pandemic disease, dangerous new technologies and self-delusion ... There is no other way to deal with such a complex problem than to face up to it, to understand it thoroughly, and to then take resolute and agreed species-wide action to prevent it. ... The release of 2.9 trillion tonnes of carbon into the atmosphere and oceans is predicted to drive the planet into a hot phase of +5-10 degrees Celsius ... [we've] already released 1.9 trillion tonnes of carbon and are adding 50 billion tonnes a year by burning fossil fuels and clearing land. The big risk is that, as the planet warms, this will cause the release of ... the 5 trillion tonnes of carbon locked as frozen methane in the tundra and seabed, causing unstoppable ‘runaway’ warming. ... World food security is on a knife-edge ... topsoil, freshwater, wild fish, oil and fertiliser [are all being depleted].
(11a) Soil Carbon Storage Not the Climate Change Fix
... it will take hundreds or even thousands of years for soils to soak up large amounts of the extra CO2 pumped into the atmosphere by human activity – far too long to be relied upon as a way to help the world avoid dangerous global warming this century.
(11b) Soil Carbon Can’t Fix Climate Change By Itself
While the new research suggests that soil might not soak up quite as much carbon as large-scale modeling efforts previously projected ... [but we need] aggressive strategies that both reduce fossil fuel emissions and foster soil carbon sequestration for a slew of reasons—food security being just one.
(12) Existing Coal, Oil & Gas Fields Will Blow Carbon Budget
The world’s working coal mines and oil and gas fields contain enough carbon to push the world beyond the threshold for catastrophic climate change ... it was imperative for governments to focus on shutting down new mines and fields before a sod was turned. “Once an extraction operation is underway, it creates an incentive to continue so as to recoup investment and create profit, ensuring the product – the fossil fuels – are extracted and burned. These incentives are powerful, and the industry will do whatever it takes to protect their investments and keep drilling,”
(13) A Quick Guide to the Clean Power Plan
... the Clean Power Plan is a federal (EPA) mandate for states to curb carbon emissions from their electricity providers. Electricity — largely from burning coal — produces nearly a third of the United States’ greenhouse gas emissions.
(14) The New, New Climate Math
... the world has 17 years to replace current fossil fuel infrastructure with renewable energy. "That's enough time—maybe—to replace gas guzzlers with electric cars. To retrain pipeline workers and coal miners to build solar panels and wind turbines."
(15) Faced With Massive Opposition to Dakota Access Pipeline, Banks Could Still Pull Out
At this point anyone who finances any fossil fuel infrastructure is attempting to make money on the guaranteed destruction of the planet.
(16) Global Climate Impacts of Arctic Sea Ice Loss
What is needed today is a widespread global campaign to actually remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere using techniques like direct air capture. .... initiatives to devise economically acceptable methods for carbon dioxide removal from the atmosphere should be the most important concern of science and technology.