11 Dec 2016

(1) Trump, Putin & ExxonMobil Team Up To Destroy The Planet, Joe Romm
The aligning interests between Russian President Vladimir Putin, Russia’s choice for U.S. president (Donald Trump), and Big Oil represents the gravest threat to humanity (and democracy) since the rise of the Axis powers in the 1930s. ... if the oil giant is freed to produce and sell oil on the staggering 63.7 million acres of Russian land it leases, which is over 5 times the amount of land it leases in this country. Happy days are here again, for Exxon. ... imagine how much havoc Putin, Trump, and a new oily Secretary of State could wreak on future negotiations by coercing other countries not to keep making new pledges to ratchet down their emissions, which is the cornerstone of Paris’s strategy to avoid catastrophic climate change.
(2) Lies Hurt, Facts Matter & So Does Resistance
... we need to stand and be counted for the objective truth and the cold hard facts on which it stands.
(3a) Trump’s United States of Oilmen | Common Dreams | Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community
Rex Tillerson represents an existential threat to the planet and his nomination to be the next secretary of state must be rejected ... Tillerson personally spear-headed a stealth campaign to undercut and misrepresent widely accepted climate science by stating that current climate models are simply too vague to warrant any specific action to slow global warming.... Tillerson and his corporate cronies have recklessly pursued policies fueling climate change, in the process endangering the health of the planet, especially the most vulnerable among us—people who live on the front lines of global warming impacts but have no means to quickly adapt to rising seas, drought and a swiftly changing landscape.
(3b) Unprecedented Climate Change Denial in Trump's Cabinet
“What’s missing from this cabinet is the balance one would expect to bring the other side to the equation and it really leaves us wondering: who is looking out for us? Clearly the oil companies are well attended, but who’s looking out for us?”
(4) With Oil Sands Ambitions on a Collision Course With Climate Change, Exxon Still Stepping on the Gas
"The challenge at the heart of Canadian climate policy right now is this massive cognitive dissonance among people who want to do the right thing on climate change and think the tar sands can continue to grow," said Graham Saul, who led Canada's Climate Action Network until 2012. "Politicians are not being honest with Canadians."
(5) Trump Ignores the Precautionary Principle on Climate Change
... in accordance with the Precautionary Principle ... that is, we should take preventive action, even though the time-frame and consequences of climate change are not known precisely. ... Trump has cast the Precautionary Principle to the wind with his cabinet picks. He's defined our United States, not as a moral leader, but as the dominant nuclear-armed petrostate, allied with its fellow Russian petrostate. Surely, there must be some ethical Republican senators and representatives that will ally with Democrats to halt this existential lunacy.
(6) Climate Scientists Take To The Streets
1) Make America a clean energy leader; 2) Reduce carbon pollution and America’s dependence on fossil fuels; 3) Enhance America’s climate preparedness and resilience; 4) Publicly acknowledge that climate change is a real, human-caused, and urgent threat; 5) Protect scientific integrity in policymaking; and 6) Uphold America’s commitment to the Paris Climate Agreement.
(7) Decoupling GDP & CO2 Emissions
Some 33 US states have cut CO2 emissions while growing their economies over the past 15 years ... The US as a whole is one of at least 35 countries around the world to have achieved the same feat, by decoupling GDP growth and CO2 emissions between 2000 and 2014.
(8) Solar Now Cheaper Than Wind Energy
... The cost of solar in 58 developing nations dropped to about a third of 2010 levels ... "[F]or populations still relying on expensive kerosene generators, or who have no electricity at all, and for those living in the dangerous smog of thickly populated cities," .... "the shift to renewables and increasingly to solar can't come soon enough."
(9) U.N. Green Climate Fund Misses 2016 Target
The Green Climate Fund ... total allocated by the UN’s flagship climate finance initiative in 2016 to $1.3 billion, far short of a $2.5bn aspirational goal. Looming over the fund is a threat by US president-elect Donald Trump to axe an outstanding pledge that accounts for nearly a quarter of the $10bn starting capital.