1 May 2016

(1) Bill Gates' Errors About Climate Change, Romm
Gates is wrong that achieving the 2 deg C target requires focusing on R&D rather than deployment. He is wrong that a carbon price is not important. He is wrong to downplay the role of boosting energy efficiency.
(2) Benefits of Cutting Coal, Oil & Gas Extraction on US Federal Lands
Phasing out coal, oil & gas extraction on U.S. federal lands will cut GHG emissions by 100 million tons by 2030.
(3) Resettling America's First Climate Refugees
"We could give the money to the island to build back exactly as before, but we know from the climate data that they will keep getting hit with worse storms and floods, and the taxpayer will keep getting hit with the bill."
(4) Water Scarcity May Biggest Climate Change Impact, Chris Mooney
A World Bank report suggests that Africa, China, India & the Middle East may loose 6% of GDP due to water scarcity.
(5) Green Airplanes?, Brad Plummer
Aviation is about 3% of our global warming footprint. Improving aircraft & airport efficiency, using biofuels, improved wing design and hydrogen fuel cells are possibilities for reducing airline GHG emissions.
(6) Saving Appalachia Despite Big Coal Collapse
Labor & community activists want a robust job & transition program based on clean energy, sustainability and worker ownership. They want reclamation from the damage of mining pollution. They want development of water, broadband & electric grid infrastructure projects and a commitment to miner-retiree health benefits.
(7) Millennials & Climate Change, David Roberts
The majority of Millenials recognize the threat of climate change and the need to transition to clean energy. Millenials will equal baby boomers at 30% of the electrorate in the 2016 election. Few voters, including few millenials, list climate change as a top tier concern; instead, they list the economy, health care & affordable education.