7 May 2017

(1) U.S. Native Coastal Communities Moving Due to Change Climate Change | Colorlines
Climate change is impacting the world and its inhabitants in various ways. But that impact is more visceral for some—particularly Native American communities that are on the coast. ... 17 U.S. communities have to relocate due to climate change, and most of them are Native American. Five are in the Lower 48, with the rest in Alaska.
(2) Will Trump’s spiraling constitutional crisis end up saving the Paris climate deal?
If America abandons the commitment the U.S. made in Paris — if we abandon over two decades of international negotiations that have given humanity its last, best hope to avoid catastrophic climate change — we will be a rogue nation, a global pariah like Putin’s Russia. And as I’ve discussed, our soft power, our ability to achieve outcomes we desire in other global negotiations, will collapse.