29 Jan 2017

(1) We Know Trump’s Cabinet Picks Are Wrong On Human-Caused Global Warming
Trump and his cabinet don’t consider climate change an urgent threat, no doubt because they wrongly think this settled question of human responsibility is still under debate. ... it will be up to the public to make their voices heard if we’re to prevent the incoming administration from fiddling while the world burns.
(2) Climate Change Denial Is Not Dead
We may have to withstand a vacuum in climate leadership at the national level for the next several years, given the stranglehold that fossil fuel interests currently have on the presidency and the Republican congressional leadership. Yet any continued delays in efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions might well commit us to more than six feet of sea level rise and massive coastal flooding, more devastating storms, historic deluges and crippling summer heat and drought.
(3) Trump"s Censorship Playbook.
A war on science is a war he’s guaranteed to lose. Trump can deny the science, silence the scientists, censor their reports, even fire them from government agencies - but that won’t stop the Earth from heating and its climate from changing at a dangerous rate. At best he would survive a four or eight-year term, leave the planet a worse place for future generations, and be seen as a villain in the history books.
(4) Electric Vehicles Will Disrupt The Oil Market
fossil fuels could lose 10 percent market share to PV and EVs within a decade. ... “Growth in EVs alone could lead to 2 million barrels of oil per day being displaced by 2025, the same volume that caused the oil price collapse in 2014-15.”
(5) An insurgent in the White House
Mr Trump also needs to be persuaded that alliances are America’s greatest source of power. Its unique network plays as large a role as its economy and its military might in making it the global superpower. Alliances help raise it above its regional rivals—China in East Asia, Russia in eastern Europe, Iran in the Middle East. If Mr Trump truly wants to put America First, his priority should be strengthening ties, not treating allies with contempt.
(6) Don’t Expect Climate Action From Tillerson.
Merkley points out that China and India are both rapidly shifting toward renewables. He pushes again: Other countries are stepping up. Shouldn’t we? Tillerson stubbornly repeats that the US needs to be “part of the conversation.” In other words, no. He doesn’t think the US should lead on this issue. It took someone asking him directly to make that clear.
(7) A Cheaper Method For Carbon Capture.
... carbon dioxide is captured from a coal-fired boiler and converted into soda ash, which is used in glass manufacturing, sweeteners and detergents. The process is projected to save 60,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions a year, a world first, according to Sharma. The cost of capture is about $30 per ton - about half the cost of other technologies in the market
(8a) Solar- & Wind-Energy Jobs Are Growing Fast
... solar and wind jobs are growing at a rate 12 times as fast as the rest of the US economy ... It's possible that Trump's promises to scale back environmental regulation and cut research in renewables may add new fossil-fuel industry jobs and even curtain growth in the sustainability sector, but market forces suggest it would be very difficult to stop the overall trend toward renewables.
(8b) For U.S. Jobs Creation, Renewables Are a Better Bet Than Coal
The solar workforce was about 374,000-strong, making up around 43% of the total employees in the power generation field. Wind power employed 101,738 workers, an increase of 25%. Coal, gas and oil-fired generation together accounted for just over 187,000 jobs, or 22% of the workforce. A majority of fossil fuel energy jobs are in mining and extraction rather than power generation, but these jobs are declining. Coal mining reached its peak employment in 2012, and now employs around 53,000. Oil and gas extraction jobs reached a peak in 2014 with 541,000 jobs, and in mid-2016 had 388,000 workers.
(9) A Message to Trump from Climate Scientists
Thoughtful, insightful video of climate scientists on why we need to act on climate change.
(10) Climate Change 101 Video
Good video by Bill Nye about the basics of climate change.
(11) Top 13 Clean Energy Developments of 2016
There were some exciting clean energy developments in 2016 ... Paris Climate Agreement, Developing Countries Using More Renewables, Federal Agency Rules Promote More Energy Efficiciency & Renewables, States Go Renewable, Corporations Use More Renewables ...
(12a) U.S. Climate Regulation - Sabin Center for Climate Change Law
This database organizes climate change-related regulations and other relevant actions (e.g., guidance documents) by agency.
(12b) U.S. Climate Change Litigation
Cases in the U.S. database are organized by type of claim and may be filtered by the principal laws they address, their filing years, and their jurisdictions. The database is also searchable by keyword. In many cases, the database includes links to decisions, complaints, motions, and other administrative and litigation documents ...
(13) Cnservatives Arguing For A Price On Carbon
The Carbon Fee and Dividend can usher in true energy freedom, job growth, and lower emissions. And what could we do with our dividend checks? Insulate your home, or take that vacation you’ve been putting off. Buy energy efficient appliances, or go out for a nice dinner. Maybe treat yourself to a bright red electric car!