23 April 2017

(1) Climate change poses ‘nightmare scenario’ for Florida coast
Who will be the smart money that gets out early — and who will be the other kind of money?
(2) Connecting the Dots on Ag and Climate Change
... truly climate-friendly agriculture is found in emerging soil science that shows ecological farming can draw down carbon from the atmosphere and put it back into the soil where it can contribute to healthy, functioning ecosystems. ... For most of this century, governments have invested billions of dollars in our fossil-fuel driven, chemically dependent agricultural model. Governments must instead invest in practices and people that promote a resilient and healthy climate, food, and water future.
(3) U.S. Participation in Paris Agreement 'Still Under Consideration,' Tillerson Says
"Pulling out would damage the United States far more than it would damage global momentum on climate action, ... It would undermine America's standing in the world, cede clean energy jobs and investment to China and Europe, and potentially even expose our companies to retaliatory trade measures.
(4) The Climate Denier Caucus in Trump’s Washington
With more Americans than ever worried about climate change, members of Congress are paying attention and many are starting to shift their tone. According to a recent Gallup poll, 71 percent say most scientists believe climate change is happening, 68 percent believe it’s caused by humans, and 45 percent worry about it a great deal (a seven percent jump from 2016).
(5) Pulling out of the Paris agreement will destroy the Trump brand
The supposed master of deal-making and branding will achieve permanent brand destruction and historical notoriety of the kind enjoyed by leaders like Neville Chamberlain and Herbert Hoover — all to destroy a global deal that requires minimal effort to fulfill.
(7) Seven Ways to Think Like a 21st Century Economist
The challenge now is to create local to global economies that ensure that no one falls short on life’s essentials – from food and housing to healthcare and political voice – while safeguarding Earth’s life-giving systems, from a stable climate and fertile soils to healthy oceans and a protective ozone layer. ... And that means going beyond redistributing income to pre-distributing wealth, such as the wealth that lies in controlling land, enterprise, and the power to create money. ... What we need are economies that make us thrive, whether or not they grow.