21 May 2017

(1) Trump will reportedly exit Paris climate deal, making us a rogue nation
“Will Trump repay Putin by ending Russian sanctions and killing the Paris climate deal?” ... But Trump can pull out of Paris, an agreement Putin has never liked, because it means a large fraction of Russia’s fossil fuel reserves would remain in the ground, unable to provide vast revenue for him and the Kremlin.
(2) A Decision Cruel and Callous | By Bhikkhu Bodhi | Common Dreams
The decision to leave the Paris Accord, however, should be seen not only as an act of foolishness, arrogance, and delusional thinking, but also as an appalling expression of cruelty. The decision is cruel because it reveals a glaring deficit of compassion—a callous lack of concern for the billions of people around the world who are endangered by a more hostile climate. Sadly, it is those nations and peoples with the lightest carbon footprint that are being hit the hardest.
(3) Donald Trump’s Withdrawal From the Paris Accords Is a Crime Against Humanity | By Mark Hertsgaard | Common Dreams
the president’s action was “a stunning moral abdication of responsibility to future generations.” To refuse to act against global warming is to condemn thousands of people to death and suffering today and millions more tomorrow. This is murder, even if Trump’s willful ignorance of climate science prevents him from seeing it. History will not be so blind.
(4) How to respond to Trump's America | Joseph Stiglitz | Business | The Guardian
But the rest of the world cannot let a rogue US destroy the planet. Nor can it let a rogue US take advantage of it with unenlightened – indeed anti-Enlightenment – “America first” policies. If Trump wants to withdraw the US from the Paris climate agreement, the rest of the world should impose a carbon-adjustment tax on US exports that do not comply with global standards.
(5) 3 winners and 5 losers from Trump’s decision to pull out of the Paris climate agreement - Vox
US participation in the Paris agreement wasn’t going to stop global warming from happening — the train has very much already left the station. But it helped concretize our commitment to slowing our contribution to it, and our collaboration with other countries toward that goal. Scientists have found that 0.8 of a degree of warming could be avoided if countries stuck to their commitments.
(6) The 5 biggest deceptions in Trump’s Paris climate speech - Vox
This is as raw a tribalism gets. Everything is a contest. Foreign agents are infiltrating our pure, strong nation, weakening our resolve from the inside, so that they can violate us. And — worst of all for the tribalist, worst of all for Trump — they are laughing at us. You just know they are, all of them. We feel ridiculous and weak and the only way to restore our fragile ego is with dominance displays, to show everyone once and for all that we are in charge and the most important.