19 March 2017

(1) The Superrich Have Profited From a Broken System—And Their Money Alone Won’t Fix It
The time has come for the very rich to engage in giving back not only with their money, but also with their total personal commitment to replacing the system that so benefited them. It is called philanthropy. Giving back will require significant humility and will be a true test of learning new skills. Turning money into healthy, living social and environmental systems is a very different—and far more difficult task—than turning once healthy living systems into money.
(2) World Meteorological Organization Issues Dire Climate Warning
"Trump administration and senior Republicans in Congress [who] continue to bury their heads in the sand.” ... our children and grandchildren will some day marvel at such deniers “and ask how they could have sacrificed the planet for the sake of cheap fossil fuel energy, when the cost of inaction exceeds the cost of a transition to a low-carbon economy.”
(3) Why the World Economy Has to Be Carbon Free by 2050 - The New York Times
Installation of renewables in the energy sector is doubling every five to six years and has been on this course for a decade. If we keep doubling at this pace, renewables will reach 100 percent before 2050. We can say good riddance to coal by around 2030, saving millions of lives as air quality improves. And bye-bye to oil by 2040. At this pace and scale, we can be close to carbon-free by 2050.
(4) Big Oil Replaces Rigs With Wind Turbines
Wind farms are especially interesting to Shell because they can power electrolysis reactions that make hydrogen, which the company says may be a major fuel for cars in the coming decades
(5) Seven Things That Need To Happen To Keep Global Temperature Rise Below 2C
... the G20 accounts for around 80% of the world’s total primary energy demand – including almost 95% of its coal demand and nearly three-quarters of its gas and oil demand. ... it is responsible for more than 80% of total CO2 emissions.
(6) Sea Ice Falls To Record Lows In Both The Arctic And Antarctic
Sea ice falls to record lows in both the Arctic and Antarctic
(7) Battling Climate Change in the Time of Trump
Though President Trump can choose to ignore climate change and line the pockets of oil, gas, and coal executives, most Americans know that, as a nation, we do not have the luxury of arguing the politics or putting our heads in the sand.
(8) Climate Change Is Not A Tech Problem, So A Tech Fix Alone Won’t Work
The strategies we highlight here largely fall into another category: solutions that emphasize place-based, social and behavioral innovations. We are not arguing against technology reform. We are arguing that climate change is not, fundamentally, a technological problem.