15 Jan 2017

(1) Tillerson Is Wrong About Climate Risks
Tillerson would likely support lifting sanctions against Russia, which would allow ExxonMobil to extract tremendous reserves of oil from the country.
(2) Environmental Safeguards Provide Billions In Economic Benefits
The OMB report looked at a total of 21 regulations, mainly from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ... For those 21 regulations, the costs were estimated to be between $5.5 billion and $6.9 billion. .... The economic benefits from these same 21 regulations are estimated by the OMB to fall anywhere between $25.5 billion and $47.8 billion. ... for every dollar spent on environmental safeguards, the economy will experience a benefit of no less than $5, which means that these investments will yield returns of over 500 percent
(3) Barack Obama Transfers $500m to Green Climate Fund
Established in 2010, it is financed by wealthy countries and used to assist developing countries with adaptation and mitigation. It was widely seen as a key measure to bring both rich and poor countries to the negotiating table. Petition calls for Barack Obama to fulfil Green Climate Fund pledge Read more The US committed to transferring $3bn to the fund. The new instalment leaves $2bn owing ...
(4a) China's Xi Warns Trump Against Quitting UN Climate Deal
“We should adhere to multilateralism, honour promises and abide by rules, one should not select or bend rules as he sees fit,” said Xi.1 “The Paris Agreement is a hard-won agreement… all signatories should stick to it instead of walking away – it is a responsibility we must assume for future generations.”
(4b) China’s War On Coal
... the Chinese government ordered 13 provinces to cancel 104 coal-fired projects in development, amounting to a whopping 120 gigawatts of capacity in all. To put that in perspective, the United States has about 305 gigawatts of coal capacity total.
(5) InTrump Era, All Climate Progress Will Be Local
All this progress at the local level may seem paradoxical when we’ve just elected a climate science denier as president. But even most Trump voters don’t agree with his climate policies. That’s why activists are urging local politicians to adopt an ambitious climate agenda. “It’s important to remember the public overwhelmingly supports a cleaner, healthier future,”
(6) Top Climate Experts Advice to Donald Trump
... realise that the clean energy economy is the greatest, biggest job creator in history.
(7) Lessons From Trump's Election
We need to tell our stories better and learn to influence what stories get told. We need an endless series of reforms, from media and technology to education and healthcare. There’s more than enough work for everyone. There will be too much, and each of us will have to find a piece of the problem where we can be effective and stick to it. We’re going to have to build alliances – that means working alongside people with whom you agree about the big things and not quibbling about the little ones. We’re going to have to remember what kind of power civil society has and how to use it. We’re going to have to be brilliantly organised.
(8) How To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
From cutting down on meat to contacting your local representatives and investing in clean energy, here are 15 ways to help reduce global carbon emissions ...