12 Mar 2017

(1) Trump’s Proposed NOAA Cuts Would Disarm Our Coasts
... although the effects of climate change remain among the greatest risks to the U.S. shoreline, ... In addition to climate adaptation efforts, they also support resilience against storms and other natural events, research on fisheries management, the preservation of wetlands ... and general community planning processes. “Just from a dollars-and-cents perspective, avoiding human suffering, why would you do anything to pull back on support where most people live and where most of the infrastructure is built?”
(2) The Ethics and Practicalities of Foreign Aid
“The State Department, USAID, Millennium Challenge Corporation, Peace Corps, and other development agencies are critical to preventing conflict and reducing the need to put our men and women in uniform in harm’s way. As Secretary James Mattis said ... ‘If you don’t fully fund the State Department, then I need to buy more ammunition.’ The military will lead the fight against terrorism on the battlefield, but it needs strong civilian partners in the battle against the drivers of extremism — lack of opportunity, insecurity, injustice, and hopelessness.”
(3) The Dance of Death | By Chris Hedges
The ruling corporate elites ... crave the unimpeded power to cannibalize the country and pollute and degrade the ecosystem to feed an insatiable lust for wealth, power and hedonism. Wars and military “virtues” are celebrated. Intelligence, empathy and the common good are banished. Culture is degraded to patriotic kitsch. Education is designed only to instill technical proficiency to serve the poisonous engine of corporate capitalism. Historical amnesia shuts us off from the past, the present and the future.
(4) If the Answer is 'Tax Cuts for the Rich; More Pain for the Rest of us,' What Was the Question?
... investments in clean energy create three times as many jobs per dollar, as investments in fossil fuel energy do. ... they also give us cleaner air and water, and stem climate change ... So, it makes you wonder why Trump and the Republicans are on a jihad against regulations ... doing everything they can to prop up fossil fuel companies instead of becoming leaders in the energy sources that will dominate the 21st Century. ... For them, whatever the question, the answer is tax cuts for the rich and corporations, even if it means bad health, increasing impoverishment, and a killer climate for the rest of us.
(5) Trump And Climate Chaos: A Letter To My Daughter
... sometimes bullies win. Sometimes bad people get power. Sometimes a man who cares about nothing more than his own aggrandizement becomes president. But your mom and dad will fight along with millions of others. We will do everything in our power to make a difference.
(6a) Trump's Interior Dept to Retract Obama-Era Fracking Rule
"Backing away from these modest rules is doubly dangerous given the administration’s reckless plans to ramp up fracking and drilling on public lands across America, ... Federal rules are critical because state rules in places like Oklahoma have been appallingly slow to confront air pollution, man-made earthquakes, and other serious harms caused by oil companies."
(6b) Trump Took First Steps To Make It Easier For Frackers To Pollute On Public Lands
“This shortsighted decision tells communities that reasonable safeguards and transparency in drilling operations matter less to this administration than handouts to oil companies and other special interests,”
(7a) A Grim Budget Day For U.S. Science
"This budget proposal would cripple American innovation and economic growth, ... and would "lead to a U.S. innovation deficit, as it comes at a time when China and other economic competitors continue their investment surge in research and higher education."
(7b) These Climate Programs Would Be Axed Under Trump's Budget | InsideClimate News
President Donald Trump's first budget plan treats climate change as the hoax he once called it, slashing funding for federal action, international cooperation and research on global warming as part of $54 billion in budget cuts.
(7c) Trump’s Budget Poses A Major Threat To The Environment, Public Health
“More mercury in our air and more lead in our water may help the bottom lines of corporate polluters, but they would cause enormous health problems for people all across this country, especially low income and communities of color,” ... “would be devastating for America’s outdoor economy,” and warned that American’s national parks and refuges could see “mass layoffs and perhaps even closures, sending shockwaves through the local communities that depend on these special places to support hotels, outdoor shops, and guide businesses.”
(8) Trump’s Budget Sabotages America’s Best Chance To Add Millions Of High-Wage Jobs
China already has over 40 percent of all jobs in renewables globally, while the United States has under 10 percent .... Trump’s actions will insure that China remains first in this vital job-creating sector.
(9) The Perversity of Cutting the International Climate Budget - Center for American Progress
These countries [China, Mexico, Columbia, Peru] recognize not only the moral imperative of investing in low-carbon and climate-resilient development but also the economic and security benefits—and they will obtain the global influence that follows from these investments. Eliminating U.S. support for climate-related development assistance does not put America first.