12 Feb 2017

(1) I’m A Scientist. This Is What I’ll Fight For.
Science shows us ways of building a sustainable future — by reinventing our energy system, agriculture and cities. Science can build a future where people and nature thrive together, for generations to come. Ignoring science will doom us to an impoverished, degraded world. Our children deserve better than that, and only science points the way forward. ... But the War on Science affects all of us, and the things we hold most dear — including the greatness of America, the future of our planet, the decency of our society and the people we love. Without unbiased facts, an informed citizenry and the free and open pursuit of truth, we cannot be the America we want to be.
(2) How Labor and Climate United Can Trump Trump
Virtually every aspect of Trump’s agenda is bad for both working people and the climate. It harms people and planet to aid the enrichment and empowerment of the rich and powerful. It is phony on jobs, phony on trade, and phony on climate. It needs to be exposed as an attack not only on particular groups like workers, immigrants, and women, but on society itself. Labor and climate movements should work together in every venue they can affect to expose the harm that the Trump agenda will do to working people and communities.
(3) The Man Who Sued the EPA is Now Running It. What Does That Mean for the Environment?
Scott Pruitt comes to his new position with the heavy baggage of having devoted a good part of his career to opposing EPA ... Scott Pruitt comes to his new position with the heavy baggage of having devoted a good part of his career to opposing EPA ...
(4) Renewable Energy Draws Increasing Republican Support.
if Midwestern states like Kansas start leading on renewable energy, choosing renewable energy, working in renewable energy jobs, associating their state identity and state pride with renewables — that, more than anything, is likely to shift their opinions on global warming (and openness to serious climate policy).
(5) The Irreversible Momentum Of Clean Energy, Barak Obama
... I remain convinced that no country is better suited to confront the climate challenge and reap the economic benefits of a low-carbon future than the United States and that continued participation in the Paris process will yield great benefit for the American people, as well as the international community. Prudent U.S. policy over the next several decades would prioritize, among other actions, decarbonizing the U.S. energy system, storing carbon and reducing emissions within U.S. lands, and reducing non-CO2 emissions ...
(6) Why Won’t American Business Push for Action on Climate?
The Trump presidency complicates the calculus for businesses that need to manage an array of Washington issues, insiders say. “Companies absolutely care about climate change, but they care about other things too,” says Ceres’ Lubber. “They are balancing and juggling.” Corporations want Trump and the Republican Congress to support corporate tax cuts and infrastructure spending, and they do not want to become a target of a president who has been willing to call out individual companies by name.