11 June 2017

(1) Climate Diplomacy Video
Implementing the Paris Agreement and supporting nations to achieve their national climate targets remain a strategic priority of foreign and security policy. Furthermore, climate security risks have to mitigated, as climate change impacts such as water or food scarcity, land degradation, sea level rise and more exacerbate potential conflicts. Climate diplomacy helps to address causes and consequences of climate change in various ways. This video gives an overview of the diverse challenges, approaches and tools of climate diplomacy. It calls for a new era of climate diplomacy… see climate-diplomacy.org
(2) Climate Risk & International Institutions
Climate change is again among the top-ranked risks threatening societies, economies and international peace and security. There is emerging consensus that global governance actors have to find integrated responses and consider climate change impacts throughout the process of policy making, as well as in the field. In this video, representatives from UNEP, EEAS, Red Cross and G7/G20 share insights about how their institution perceives and acts upon climate and security challenges.
(3) Climate Diplomacy Initiative
Melting glaciers in the Himalayas and the Andes, more frequent storms in the Caribbean and Oceania, changing weather patterns in Africa and the Middle East: the challenges posed by climate change are enormous. The repercussions raise geopolitical questions, have implications for livelihoods and development, and necessitate a strategic response to ensure sustainable development. They raise questions that go to the heart of international politics...
(4) We Will Soon Be Using More Than The Earth Can Provide
.. the world is consuming far more than the planet can sustain, how do we bring ourselves into balance with Earth’s capacities? ... 1. Decarbonization ... Humanity’s carbon energy use accounts for 60 percent of the global ecological footprint. 2. Population ... reducing the current global average family size by half a child would push back Overshoot Day by 31 days. 3. Food production and consumption ... sourcing food locally, avoiding highly processed foods, reducing meat consumption, & cutting food waste by half could move Overshoot Day forward by 11 days. 4. Urban built environment ... increasing the energy efficiency of the urban built environment through measures such as efficient mass transit could advance Overshoot Day by 2 days. If we achieved all four of these priorities, we would bring Overshoot Day to December 13 and almost be in balance with Earth’s capacity to sustain us.
(5) Is Trump Launching a New World Order?
Trump - Dismantling The Liberal World Order of FDR: Supports Nations That Embrace Fossil-Fuels & Punish Those That Favor Renewable Energy Snubs NATO Withdraws from Paris Climate Agreement Aligns with Fossil-Fuel Powers (Saudia Arabia & Russia) - a Trilateral Alliance, against Post-Carbon, Green Energy States (China, Germany) Domestically: Has Crippled Renewable Energy & Expanded Exploitation of Fossil Fuels A world dominated by petro-powers will be one in which oil is plentiful, the skies hidden by smog, weather patterns unpredictable, coastlines receding and drought a recurring peril. The possibility of warfare is only likely to increase ... A world dominated by green powers, on the other hand, is likely to be less ravaged by war and the depredations of extreme climate change as renewable energy becomes more affordable and available to all.
(6) Remember the Population Bomb? It’s Still Ticking
And so we have Lesotho today — echoing Malthus, not the future intended by aid agencies. ... As Europe faces huge waves of migrants, those masses are dwarfed by the number of poor families seeking refuge within their own or nearby countries. In Somalia, more than a million are internally displaced, while some 885,000 have migrated to neighboring countries with displaced populations of their own. Unfortunately, the Trump administration seems bent on exacerbating the problem. It has cut aid for family planning and backed out of the global agreements that seek to avert the most devastating impacts of climate change, even as rising sea levels and drought-related famines threaten to create tens of millions of new migrants. A Trump wall won’t work against rising tides of people, any more than it will hold back the seas.
(7) Dealing with the ‘loss and damage’ caused by climate change
Scaling down our emissions and building resilience against climate change can only take us so far. Some negative impacts and damages are now unavoidable. The inevitable consequences of human-caused climate change have collectively come to be known as “loss and damage”.
(8) EPA Under Siege
“I think there’s a general consensus among the career people, that at bottom they’re basically trying to destroy the place.”
(9) UN Announces 23 New Nature Reserves While U.S. Removes 17
New UNESCO Biosphere Reserves protect sites across the world, while the U.S. and Bulgaria withdraw sites from the well-known program.