10 Sep 2017

1) Five Ways Congress Can Help To Rebuild Stronger and Safer Communities After Harvey
The record-breaking flooding and destruction caused by Harvey serves as the latest example of how vulnerable American communities—large, small, rural, and urban alike—are to powerful storms. But they don’t have to be. Congress must take this opportunity to ensure that communities from Houston to Port Arthur, Texas, and beyond are rebuilt stronger and more resilient to extreme weather events—before the next storm comes.
2) Why the West Is Burning
... fires need to be treated like the disasters they are, and fighting them needs to be paid for in the same way we deal with other natural disasters, like hurricanes and earthquakes. “Congress needs to step up and treat these infernos like the natural disasters they are,”
3) The Next Wave of Extremists Will Be Green
The definition of terrorism — which is highly disputed and varies country to country — matters, and it is usually a political question. I asked Neumann, the ICSR director, if a green activist committing industrial sabotage without human casualties in order to change government policy to improve the sustainability of the planet was really “terrorism.”
4) Five Things Congress Can Do to Help Communities Devastated by Hurricane Harvey
1. Reform Flood Insurance ... 2. Strengthen Flood Risk Standards ... 3. Fund Science & Preparedness ... 4. Strengthen Chemical Safety Standards ... 5. Pass Near-Term Disaster Aid.